5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Portrait of fit red haired woman doing yoga exercises at home on floor: sitting with legs crossed in lotus position on mat and smilingOver the past years, yoga and meditation practices have become more popular among many people. Every day, more individuals are engaging in these practices.

Originally, the main purpose of yoga and meditation retreats was to enhance spiritual development by training a person’s mind and body to self-observe. But there are many proven health benefits that go hand in hand with regular yoga and meditation practices. Here are five of them:

Weight loss

Obesity is an issue many people are trying to fight every day. If you are looking forward to maintaining a healthy weight, yoga practices are a good solution. Yoga helps in burning calories, which leads to weight loss. Furthermore, doing yoga exercises regularly inspires you to maintain healthy eating habits.

Decreases depression

Meditation is ideal for reducing deep thinking that may often lead to depression. In fact, a research by the University of California indicated that depression and stress may be reduced drastically by regular meditation practices.

Reducing blood pressure

A person may do everything it takes to reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure. Meanwhile, your body tends to relax when you are doing yoga, which makes your blood flow well throughout your body. These practices help maintain normal blood pressure.

Enhances flexibility and strengthens your bones

You tend to stretch your body when doing yoga exercises, which makes the muscles flexible. In 2013, a research by the journal of strength and conditioning showed that Bikram yoga enhances flexibility and makes the body strong.

Helps the respiratory system

When undertaking the practices you tend to stretch your body, which means that your inner organs also tend to get relaxed. This helps in preventing or reducing respiratory complications like bronchial asthma.

These are just some of the health benefits of yoga and meditation practices. Do the exercises regularly to develop spiritually and maintain a healthy life.