Can Vaping Help Fight Obesity?

Closeup detail of Female with an Electronic CigaretteSmokers have an alternative to traditional cigarettes: e-cigarettes. It’s become popular over the years because, Easy Puff shares, it doesn’t contain tobacco or tar, and it produces less carbon monoxide in comparison to traditional cigarettes. Since the battery-operated devices produce vapour and not smoke, you can use one without worrying about the consequences of second-hand smoke.

Researchers recently reveal that there is one other appeal to switching to e-cigarettes: it suppresses your appetite.

Vaping Helps Fight Obesity, Study Shows

A study from Massey University suggests that vaping could fight obesity. According to Marewa Glover, associate professor from Massey’s School of Public Health, e-liquids with food flavours, along with the vapour’s feel and smell could stave off hunger and, therefore, help people eat less.

Researchers observe that former smokers gained significant weight after a year of quitting. Glover pointed out that the idea of gaining weight after stopping smoking hinders people from ceasing the habit. He explained that once people stop smoking, they start to eat more, which pushes them to relapse.

Obesity Statistics in New Zealand

The study may help with the government’s plan to legalise e-cigarettes. New Zealand intends to make the country smoke free by 2025. With significant findings from the Massey University, more people may see further appeal in vaping rather than smoking.

This could also help with the country’s obesity rate. The researchers note that people could gain health benefits, from reduced risk for diabetes to cardiovascular diseases, if vaping has even the slightest effect on weight gain.

The Ministry of Health’s annual update reveals that approximately one in three adults (32%) of adults were obese in 2015/16. This was a 5% increase from the 2006/07 adult obesity rate.

E-cigarettes can offer multiple advantages. If you’re looking to quit traditional cigarettes, vaping could offer a safer, and now, healthier alternative.