Different Kinds of Food to Eat Before and After a Workout

FitnessExercising and eating are both important. However, too much (or too less) of both can put a risk in our health. Knowing how to balance meals and a regular workout allows us to achieve a physique we are comfortable of. Here is a list of the best foods to eat before and after exercise.


You need enough energy before working out to ensure that you can handle the intensity of your exercise. Munch on the following:


Carbohydrates are important, especially if you’re planning to undertake an intense workout. Bread and cereals are good sources of carbs, which you should consume two to three hours before exercise. The glucose present in carbohydrates fuels your muscles and makes you feel more energized.


Studies say that consuming protein before exercise benefits the body in many ways such as improving muscle recovery, increasing strength and lean body mass, and improving anabolic response or muscle growth. Consume boiled eggs, a bowl of almonds, or steamed chicken breast before heading to the gym.


Fat is important in a balanced diet and it also provides enough energy during a strenuous workout. There are many high-fat foods that are incredibly healthy and nutritious like fish, cheese, and avocados. Get a load of these for increased endurance during running times.


Exercise leaves you tired and sleepy. Prevent this by taking weight loss-driven post-workout meals to retain that energy. Here are three kinds of food items:

Whole Grains

Whole-grain foods such as brown rice and oatmeal give you a nutrient boost that helps your body run smoothly and recover from a workout. It also reduces the risks of metabolic syndrome with symptoms like high blood pressure and increased levels of blood sugar.

Citrus Fruits

Snacking on citrus fruits post-workout delivers carbohydrates, immune-boosting vitamin C, and hydration, which your body needs. After exercise, your body absorbs vitamins and minerals much better, making you stronger and healthier.

Beans and Peppers

Reward yourself with a bowl of beans mixed with a handful of cooked peppers after working out. Rich in carbohydrates, beans give you the energy you need, while peppers contain capsaicin, a thermogenic compound that burns fat.

Exercise intensely and make sure to regain all energy lost by eating a tasty yet healthy meal. A balance is always important.