Having a Root Canal Procedure Soon? Here Are 3 Post-Operation Tips

Dentist and patientSoon after your root canal procedure in Napa, your doctor will provide you with several instructions on how to manage the pain and how to efficiently take care of the surgery site while you’re still recovering.

However, you may start to feel a bit of tenderness a few days after the medication wears off. Although there are several over-the-counter medicines available, there are some things you need to remember to ensure that you heal fast.

Here are a few post-surgery care tips you should consider after you’ve gotten a root canal.

1. Stay away from a hard or crunchy type of foods

You might want to avoid eating or chewing crunchy food to lessen the risk of damaging the filling placed on your tooth to seal it. Eating hard foods may cause the treated tooth to break off, which could lead to extraction if necessary.

2. Be cautious when brushing or flossing your teeth

Aside from the affected tooth, your gums also need proper care. So, try to be as gentle as possible, especially since the gums are still sore from the operation.

You should also be careful when flossing your teeth as it may cause even more damage. It’s advisable to take your time when brushing your teeth so you won’t cause any harm.

3. Take some pain relievers as advised by your doctor

You might want to ask your doctor for any recommendations of an effective painkiller. Several over-the-counter drugs can alleviate the pain that you’re feeling during the first week post-operation.

Ask assistance from your dentist to see if there are any other ways to hasten your recovery. It’s always best to visit your dentist two weeks after the operation for a follow-up checkup to know if everything is in order.