Make the Transition: From Smoking to Vaping

A Man VapingThe New Zealand government legalised e-cigarettes this year to curb smoking levels in the country. Although research about the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit smoking is still ongoing, available studies show and vouch for the benefits of e-cigarettes. Not only can e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking, they also protect users from experiencing the detrimental effects of tobacco use. Experts say that e-cigarettes pose a significantly less threat than tobacco in any form.

Expect Challenges

Now, if you are a smoker yourself, you can try out e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking, but you have to keep some things in mind. The transition from tobacco products to e-cigarettes will be difficult. Also, you have to invest enough into your e-cigarette products to bring yourself over from smoking to vaping.

Purchase Your Product

With those things in mind, you can now begin your transition. You can go online to purchase an e-cigarette from the comfort of your home. Focus on the ease of use of the product rather than the appearance. You can look at reviews to find the best product for you.

Hold Off on Mods and Focus on E-Liquids

You will inevitably encounter modifications that can change the experience of vaping for a person. Stay with the basics first, and reserve the mods for a later date. Instead of going straight for the mods, buy e-liquid that you love here in NZ. At the same time, choose the right strength of e-liquid to prevent headaches from too much nicotine and prevent dissatisfaction from too little nicotine.

Join the Community

Next, you can engage with the vaping community to find people who are like you. The community can act as your support group to spur you on with your transition. The people in the community have been where you currently are. They can help you and strengthen you to quit smoking.

As long as you transition slowly and properly, you will be vaping more often than smoking in no time at all.