The Hunt for The Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venueWhen you have endless options for potential wedding venues—from beachside locales to classy hotels, charming gardens, and rustic barns—the hunt for the perfect wedding venue could be immensely difficult. Add to that the fact that your choice of venue would significantly influence your budget, vendors, attire, and décor. That being said, below are golden tips for hunting and securing the venue of your dreams:

Know Your Budget

This is very vital since knowing exactly what you could spend for a venue would help narrow down your options.

Determine The Location

Are you leaning towards a destination wedding or somewhere closer to home? You need to decide on the location as early as possible, especially if you want a destination wedding since this would involve more advanced planning.

Choose a Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall? The specific season would impact whether you could have an outdoor or indoor wedding, and your budget, says a top wedding planner in Kansas City. Note also that some wedding reception venues offer higher rates during summer and spring, and reduced rates during winter.

Determine The Head Count

The capacity of a venue is one of those things that you can’t negotiate so determine your head count before you even look for a venue.

Check It Out in Person

Get a feel of the vibe of the place because that’s something you can’t see in photos or videos. While you’re there, make sure to check out the staff as well and ask plenty of questions. Figure out what you need in a venue to see if the places you’re eyeing meet your specific requirements.

Research The Venue

While it’s always best to trust your gut, you should do your research as well. Ask family and friends if they know anything about the venue you’re considering and look for reviews online.

Put All Terms in Writing

Once you’ve decided on the venue, ensure that your contract includes detailed terms and conditions that you’ve discussed with the venue’s management. The more detailed, the better.

It’s also worth noting that when deciding on a wedding venue, you need to stay true to yourselves, and not to your Pinterest pins. Put simply, go for a venue that’s authentic to your vibe as a couple.