The Wedding: Matching the Right Jewelry for Your Special Day

Romantic concept with man making marriage proposalWhen you become engaged, you look forward to that special day with your significant other. In preparation, you will have to take care of everything — from the largest to the smallest details. These include the venue for the ceremony, what the flower arrangements will be, and even what jewelry to wear to match your wedding dress.

Take it Slow

Wearing the right jewelry to match your dress may be one of the things you can easily get wrong. Find the ideal earrings, necklace, or bracelets by taking your time picking your favorite pieces from jewelry stores here in Toronto, Canada. Of course, you first need to have your chosen wedding dress in mind.

Know Your Colours

Choose the color of your jewelry to match the color of your dress. A virgin white dress looks great with silver, platinum, or pearl jewelry. Off-white dresses, on the other hand, can match with rose gold or yellow gold. Finally, an ivory dress matches perfectly with gold.


Remember to be minimalistic about it. Excessive jewelry can take the attention away from your dress, which is more important than the jewelry. With a rather plain dress, you can invest in more sparkly jewelry but — keep in mind again — it does not have to be too much.

Final Rules

In the end, your goal should be to present the most beautiful version of yourself. Such a goal means choosing jewelry that has long been a part of your style. At the same time, you can save money by setting a budget and choosing only what you can afford.

With the guidelines above, you can visit many jewelry stores and find the ideal jewelry for your special day. Good luck!