Cookies: Classic Confections for Any Occasion

Woman Enjoying CookiesAmericans are spoiled for choice when it comes to pastries. The sheer diversity of American culture and their respective recipes for baked goods are just staggering: breads, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, doughnuts, pies, and brownies are but a sample of America’s vast appetite for baked treats.

Cookies, however, hold a special place in the people’s hearts, taste buds, and tummies. Americans love cookies so much, in fact, that they even created a children’s show character that exclusively eats cookies. Moreover, you’d be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have at least one cookie jar.

Novelty cookies are even more of a hit today, especially in a market with a seemingly endless demand. And why not? Cookies are perfect for any celebration. People will even throw parties just to have an excuse to serve and eat a variety of cookies. Let’s not even get started on cute little Girl Scouts selling their cookies around the neighborhood!

There are plenty of opportunities for Americans to enjoy a good cookie, sometimes they can even enjoy it for no reason at all. But for people who are looking to make a living by distributing these famous baked goods for other people’s enjoyment, here are some examples of events and occasions where a fresh, oven-baked cookie is a must-have.


The presence of cookies at parties, especially parties for little kids who will insist on inviting all their school friends, is essential to keep guests happy. Birthdays are constant affairs, and so are little guests looking for a quick and easy bite to grab from the table while running and playing around with other kids. M&M cookies never fail to satisfy kids’ appetites for two-in-one treats – plus, their various colors are eye-catching additions to the food table.

Office Parties

Working hard takes its toll on the appetite, and office parties are a great way to bring as much food to the office as possible. Whether it’s an employee’s anniversary or the team hitting a new milestone, there’s always a place for specialties like white chocolate macadamia cookies for the entire office to snack on.


The Yuletide season overflows with food choices. The holidays are a great excuse to eat plenty of sweet treats, like choco-chip mint cookies. Christmas cookies might be the no-brainer choice here, but holiday festivities can afford to have a more classic flavor, like a tasty peanut butter and chocolate sandwich cookie. It’s two cookies with a chocolate filling in one bite!

Movie Night

Too tired to drive out to the cinema downtown? You can always kick back on the comfort of the couch and stream the latest movie available through on-demand services. While you’re at it, ditch the pizza for just this night and munch on some good, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, complemented by a glass of milk.

Americans will always have a soft spot for a well-made cookie. It’s because cookies have a timeless nature; they’re easy to bake and are even easier to eat. If you feel as if you would want to continue spreading joy to celebrations across the country, consider owning a cookie franchise.