The 4 Basic Techniques for Baking Cakes

Beautiful cakeWho doesn’t love cake? It’s a celebratory dessert that just makes you want to cut a slice, no matter the flavour. What makes a cake even better today is the abundance of fresh, healthy ingredients you can use. Bless This Mess shares that eating whole foods doesn’t have to be all vegetables all the time; the online source for healthy eating has a whole wheat honey cake recipe that you can serve with sliced almonds, freshly whipped cream, and berries

But baked perfection isn’t always easy to achieve. Baking is a meticulous process of cooking and it requires precision with ingredients, from the measurements down to the preparation.

Here are four basic rules to help you create the perfect cake:

  1. Use Room Temperature Butter and Eggs – The consistency and temperature of ingredients can make or break the texture of a cake. Most recipes call for softened butter and room temperature eggs. Take the butter and eggs out of the fridge 45 minutes to an hour before you need them. You can also warm them in the microwave or place them in a warm bowl for 5 minutes.
  2. Use the Exact Measurements – Stop the urge to add a little or more because deviation from a recipe can ruin your whole creation. Be sure to follow accurate measurement. Use measuring spoons and cups instead of ordinary tableware and avoid mixing metric and imperial measurements, just pick one or the other.
  3. Be Attentive to the Little Details – If the instruction calls for “1 cup flour, sifted,” measure the flour using a measuring cup and sweep it with a spoon, then sift it. If you see “1 cup sifted flour,” sift the ingredient before measuring it. It seems like a small thing to apply, but when baking cakes, the minor difference can leave you with a light as air cake or hard as a rock dessert.
  4. Cool Cakes Upside Down – Flat tops are easier to stack for layer cakes. Cool the cake upside down and use the flatter surface for decorating. If it turns out too rounded, use a serrated knife to slice a portion and even it out.

Cakes are not only delicate and delicious. They are also, in the hands of an artisan, works of art. Following recipes to the letter and a few basic rules can help you create your baked masterpiece.