The Filipinos’ Love for Food

pork adoboFilipinos love to eat.  Every province or city has its signature recipe and “pasalubong” (take home goodies) to offer.

Tagaytay has its pies. Negros and its piayaPili nuts from Albay. Each island in this archipelago has its own thing to offer, but going island hopping isn’t the solution to most people. The practical way to know these pasalubong is to go somewhere where these foods are present. And that’s in the capital.

If you’re planning to stay in Manila, hotels near Mall of Asia that are accessible to different restaurants, malls and historical places to make the most of your stay. You might also want to make sure that your hotel is well air-conditioned because the Philippines is a tropical country and if you’re not used to its climate, even if it’s not summer, the temperature might be summer-hot for you.

Food and the Communal Culture

Local festivities and seasonal celebrations like Christmas and New Year that have months-long preparation and celebration in the country are rich in communal culture. Households would prepare their own specialties and share them to relatives and neighbors. The love for food strengthens family bonds. If you’re planning your trip, have a list of the local occasions in whatever town you are about to visit so you can also take part of the unique joy Filipinos share in eating.

“Pasalubong” and the Value of Family

In a Philippine home setting, whether you came from a very far place or just arrived from work, family members whom you’ve left behind would always expect a pasalubong. Taking home food for loved ones is a tradition Filipinos miss when they go to another country. It’s something they relate to their families, and when they come back, they bring home all kinds of gifts so they really feel that they’re going back home.

Either you travel and eat or travel to eat in the Philippines, don’t miss out on appreciating its culture and values. Keep your heart open to learning others’ way of life and let them also have a share of yours as you come and go.