The Top Characteristics of a Good Hamburger

HamburgerNo one can deny the meaty and tasty goodness of a hamburger sandwich. It is a staple at any restaurant or bar. And with the number of hamburgers you have eaten over the years, you have somehow had an idea of what constitutes a great sandwich.

You may agree with this: not all hamburgers are created equal. And this seems to be a universally accepted fact, as people have standards and restaurants have their ways of making a hamburger. But if you want to know at least the basics metrics for this particular dish, you are reading the right article.

Before you visit a restaurant or any bars in Markham Ontario like the Le Cue Lounge that serves hamburgers, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind.

The Meat

The best hamburger meats are usually fatty. And fat is what delivers the taste. A burger patty with a high-fat content is juicy and flavorful. Pay attention to how the meat is seasoned. Usually, a tasty patty is not just seasoned with salt and pepper but also with some herbs and spices.

The In-Betweens

Other than the meat, you should also pay attention to the vegetables, condiments, and cheese. Ideally, your tomato and lettuce should be freshly sliced. Fresh veggies add crunch to the whole fare. The cheese should be basic, as an overpowering dairy component may make the sandwich taste quite creamy and weird. Finally, there should be some zest that comes in the form of pickle slices.

The Buns

The bread is often an overlooked component of the sandwich. The bun should not be too soft. Otherwise, it will sog because of the fat and juices from the vegetables and sauces. It should be quite resilient so that you get to enjoy the full taste of it.

Judging hamburgers are something you will want to do as you go downtown. There are many stores and joints to visit, meaning there are also a lot of burgers to sample on.