Yoga Poses Designed for Detoxifying the Lymphatic System

Group of people in yoga classYour body’s lymphatic system comprises different organs and is the immune system’s most crucial component. It hence plays a leading role in protecting your body from numerous infections. Unfortunately, this system significantly slows down in most people as they age.

This is because it has no pump and its optimal balancing is primarily dependent on your body movements. A detox yoga retreat with Vagabond Temple is an ideal solution to stretch, bend and twist your body and consequently get the lymph in your body flowing and balance your lymphatic system.

Here are a few poses that will prove useful in detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

In this pose, you lie on your belly then bend your knees with the soles of your feet facing the ceiling. You will then wrap your hands around your ankles, and then lift your thighs, head and upper chest from the floor. This strengthens your abdominal organs and stimulates your thymus gland by opening your chest.

Cobra Pose

In this pose, you press your feet and pelvic bone down with the upper chest, head lifted. For the best results, the cobra pose is held for 15–30 seconds and repeated 3–4 times over a three-minute period. It stimulates your thymus gland while stretching your abdomen, shoulders and chest.

Bridge Pose

This pose curls up your body and instantly relaxes a tired back. It stimulates your blood circulation and thymus gland. Other than this, the bridge pose stimulates your nervous system.

These poses are not easy for both novice and expert yogis. At a retreat, however, you will get a trainer who will slowly help you master them. Other than poses, the retreat includes massages, breathing exercises and a detox diet plan to boost your lymphatic system and keep a lot of diseases at bay.