Are Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Man Vaping The health risks of smoking are no secret. In fact, it is linked to almost all kinds of cancer. But billions of people around the world still smoke, and for some of them, it is no longer a choice but an addiction.

Various products have been created to help smokers quit, but none of them proved to be successful until electronic cigarettes came into the picture. E-cigarettes quickly became a favourite alternative in NZ and other countries because while it provides the same hand-to-mouth and oral gratification of traditional smoking, it contains far less harmful substances than tobacco cigarettes.

Here are some more benefits of switching to e-cigarettes:

No bad smell

Everyone will agree, especially the non-smokers, that the smoke from cigarettes smells really bad and is very irritating. It clings to your clothes, hair, and everything else it comes into contact with. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, produce sweet-smelling vapour so you can vape almost anywhere. The only complain people have with it is that the vapour coming from it can smell a little too sweet, but that is still better compared to the smoke from a real cigarette.


Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke since they do not make use of fire at all. This means you do not have to worry that an errant ember will find its way into a flammable object and cause a fire. Also, because no fire is involved, there is no ash produced, eliminating the need for an ashtray.

Breaks nicotine addiction

Vapes use e-liquids that come in different flavours and nicotine levels. You get to control the amount of your daily nicotine intake. This is a good way to lose your addiction to nicotine eventually. You can start with the nicotine level you are used to and then gradually reduce it until there is none left.