Braces in Burnham: Finding the Right Fit

Woman about to wear an InvisalignMore and more adults in the UK are seeking treatment to straighten their teeth. Thanks to modern technology, teeth straightening treatments are more accessible than ever and can work better with patients’ lives.

Dental practices like The Dental Surgery Burnham can offer alternatives to traditional braces. In Burnham, Invisalign is a one treatment that is becoming more are more popular. Invisalign offers benefits that cannot be provided by fixed braces.

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to make the most of a patient’s teeth, whilst protecting them. Many treatments could be considered cosmetic, whilst other can have a huge effect on the functionality of the teeth.

Modern slant on teeth straightening

Invisalign is a modern treatment that can fit easily into most people’s daily lifestyle. To understand how this treatment can fit so well, a brief explanation is needed about how it works.

Invisalign uses a series of custom-moulded tooth trays that are changed every two weeks. Each tray is slightly different in shape, gently re-positioning the patient’s teeth. Once the treatment has been planned and the trays manufactured, the patient can change them at home, and return every six weeks or so for a progress check in Burnham. Braces require more attention than Invisalign to work efficiently.

Invisalign’s tooth trays are made from a clear plastic that makes them almost completely invisible when on the patient’s teeth.

Braces vs. Invisalign: a comparison

Traditional braces are best suited to correcting more severe cases of crooked teeth and misaligned bites. In many practices, Invisalign is offered as solely a cosmetic treatment. Many dentists offer Invisalign to patients who may have had their teeth straightened before but need a quick solution for more minor adjustments or corrections.

Even though traditional braces are the most tried and tested method of straightening teeth, they do come with their problems. Firstly, an issue which Invisalign is free of is the visual impact of wearing metal braces. Many patients may feel self-conscious if they have metal braces.

Another area that Invisalign excels in is comfort. The tooth trays are completely removable and made of a smooth plastic. This makes cleaning the patient’s teeth and wearing the appliance much easier and more manageable.