Care and advice from the dentist in Liverpool

Group of dental practitioners in clinicOral healthcare covers the services that are offered by a dentist. It includes many different areas, some of which are highly specialised, and others that are more routine, but vital for everyone. Many dental practices also now offer smile improvement services, which include treatments to brighten, straighten and restore the teeth.

These are offered alongside standard care and are usually only performed on healthy teeth. In order to take advantage of cosmetic offerings, it is vital that patients keep up with their regular check-ups with a dentist in Liverpool, such as Liverpool Smile Studio.

Preventive care

The teeth are subject to a lot of stresses and strains throughout the day through the processes of eating, speaking and general use. In the normal course of things, plaque and tartar usually build up on the teeth.

Plaque is a sticky substance caused by bacteria in the mouth feeding on sugars from food and drink producing acid. This can be brushed off at regular intervals with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Tartar is plaque that has not been removed and that has built up and hardened over time. It often forms on the back of the teeth and in hard to reach places. Once it is there, brushing alone will not remove it.

Part of a preventive care routine at the dentist in Liverpool involves the removal of tartar. This is a task that is often performed by the hygienist.


The dentist can explain in depth how cavities are formed. They are, essentially, holes in the teeth caused by the acid mentioned above. Once they have formed, bacteria can get some shelter from brushing and other hygiene procedures and the problem can get progressively worse.

The dentist can repair cavities and the sooner they do this, the better. Treatment for cavities gets progressively more extensive the bigger they get.

Gum disease

It is estimated that three out of every four adults over 35 in the UK have some level of gum disease. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. The dentist can offer expert advice on how to manage and get rid of gum disease. It is one of the main things they will be looking for during a routine check-up.