Filling the Gaps with Dental Implants in Hampshire

Having gaps left by missing teeth is not good, either for the health of other teeth, or for the looks, even if those teeth that are missing are not right at the front of the mouth. A single missing tooth can cause all the nearby teeth to gradually shift out of place, and possibly fall out. Preventing this from happening couldn’t be easier than with dental implants in Hampshire.

When people opt for dental implants in Hampshire, it’s a good idea to do search through the reputable dentists, such as Dental Implants Hampshire, to find those that have good training and experience in this area of oral surgery.

The implant procedure

Oral surgery of this kind only requires a local anaesthetic. This is because the dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, which has fewer nerve endings than the teeth. Having said that, many people still get very anxious about implant surgery. This may be because the drilling to create a new artificial tooth socket can take a while. The dentist has to start by drilling with a very narrow drill, and then increase the circumference of the drill bit a few times. This careful drilling is required in order not to crack the bone. It is also important not to overheat the bone and kill the cells, otherwise the implant will be unable to integrate with the jaw. The implant procedure usually takes half a day, depending on how many implants are being fitted.

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts with deliberately roughened surfaces. This is so that the biocompatible titanium will have a larger surface area over which to stimulate the surrounding tissue to grow and mesh with it. This takes a few weeks, but, by the time it is complete, the implant will be held as securely in place as a natural tooth root. This is where implants have a huge benefit. They have a chewing stability that can withstand more pressure than is generated by the average male tucking into a steak, about 97kg or 200lbs. This and the fact that implants last for decades and never wobble around in the mouth, is what has led to the incredible rise in their popularity over the last decade or so.