Four million people can’t be wrong

When it comes to teeth straightening, it is no longer unusual to see an adult wearing braces. Some dentists are reporting that as many as 50% of their patients who are having teeth straightening treatment are adults. However, you may be forgiven for not seeing so many adults out there with braces on. One reason is that four million of them have chosen to have their teeth straightened with Invisalign. In St John’s Wood, North West London, there are many such people quietly getting straighter teeth, glad not to have to explain their actions to everyone they meet.

Invisalign in St John’s Wood, North West London is available from a number of dentists, including Aura Dental. Invisalign has a number of benefits that make it such a popular teeth straightening system around the globe. Let’s have a look at them:

Invisible Invisalign

Perhaps the most important feature with Invisalign in St John’s Wood, North West London is that once the aligners are in place, they all but disappear from view. This is because they are made from incredibly thin, rigid plastic. It’s only 0.3 millimetres thick. Also, the aligners hug the teeth as tightly as they can. The only part people might catch a glimpse of is the metal snaps attached to the back teeth that hold the aligners in place.

Removable Invisalign

The other great feature that people love about Invisalign is that the aligners are removable. The patient takes them out to eat and clean their teeth, avoiding the need for a change in dietary choices. It also avoids having to spend ages picking food out of the straightening appliance, and the chances of stuck food causing tooth decay.

Weight loss and Invisalign

Many people find that they lose weight with Invisalign. This is because the aligners have to be removed to eat or drink anything except water. Then patients have to brush their teeth before they put their aligner back in. Any colouring at all could discolour the aligner, rendering it visible. Thus, patients find they cut out mindless snacking and hot drinks with hidden calories. Also, the aligner must be worn for at least 22 hours a day, cutting down on snacking time considerably.