Functional and Stable Replacement Teeth

dentist holding dental implantsModern implant dentistry allows people to use their replacement teeth the same way they used their natural ones. Dental implants in Hertford are placed in the patient’s jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. They can last for decades afterwards, provided they are properly looked after, and people have been enjoying the health benefits and aesthetic enhancements they bring for many years. At dentists in the east of England, such as Hertford Dental Implants, they can be used to replace any number of teeth, from a whole set to a single one.

Integrated arrangement

Dental implants in Hertford permanently integrate with the jawbone. This creates a stable base for the replacement tooth, enabling the patient to enjoy biting and chewing their food. Implants in the jawbone also prevent the bone deterioration that can alter a person’s facial appearance, which happens when they replace their teeth with removable dentures. The risk of developing the sunken look, which can make people much older than they really are, is greatly reduced by dental implants in Hertford.

Steps towards replacement

The patient must have sufficient healthy bone material and a good standard of oral health before they can receive the implants. After an in-depth consultation with the patient, the dentist will take detailed images of their teeth. A precise treatment plan will be produced to meet the patient’s particular needs. Then comes the surgical procedure, during which the dentist places small titanium posts into the patient’s jawbone. After a period of healing, the patient will return to the dentist, to have the new teeth securely attached to the implanted posts.

Long-term advantages

The jawbone meshes together with the implanted metal in a process called osseointegration. This enables the new teeth to function as the old ones did, unlike removable dentures, which sit on the gums and do not come into contact with the bone. The mouth will also be easier to keep clean, because the implants permanently reduce the number of gaps between teeth, in which food particles and bacteria can build up to harmful levels. This gives people who have dental implants in Hertford a long-term reduction in the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.