Get a Safe and Beautiful Tan

Couple getting a tanSummer is here. It’s time to get that beautiful tan, so grab your bikini, shades, hat, and sun tanning products! Whether you intend to get a tan under the sun, in a tanning bed, or an organic tan in hot Australia, you need to observe some precautions so you can get a safe and beautiful glow this summer.

Be Mindful of Your Tanning Time

You don’t need to stay under the sun for a long time to get a beautiful tan. In fact, if you do, it’s not just unsafe, but it can also get ugly. Every skin type has a “tanning cut-off” point. This means that your skin has a certain threshold wherein it can’t produce melanin anymore. While every skin type is different, most people have a tanning cut-off point of two to three hours. If you have fair skin, it’s even less than this. Moreover, you need to seek some shade in between tanning to avoid getting sunburned.

Load up on Sun-Friend Foods

Lycopene is the skin’s very own SPF so load up on foods that are rich in it such as red and orange fruits. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. For those with a sweet tooth, flavonoids found in dark chocolate packs a lot of sunburn protection. Dark chocolate also contains caffeine that protects you against skin cancer.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Face

Your eyes and the skin around your eyes are quite delicate to the damaging UV rays so make sure you protect them by wearing sunglasses or a sun hat. Make sure that your sunglasses have a UV absorption rate of up to 400 nm. This means they can block 99 percent of the damaging UV rays. Wearing big sunglasses are good because the more they cover, the more they protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from all angles.

Go on and Have a Safe Tan

These tips will help you when you head to the beach and get a tan. Remember, a healthy tan is a safe tan, and it lasts longer.