Getting Ready for Dental Implants in Coalville

Woman dental consultationGetting dental implants in Coalville can give someone a real boost by replacing their missing teeth. When someone decides that they want to go ahead, it may seem like the biggest step has already been taken. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not still a daunting prospect. The idea of any extensive dental treatment can lead to trepidation for the patient and that’s understandable.

With dental implants, it is possible to break the process down into smaller stages so that the journey seems more manageable. A skilled practitioner, like Ingrams Dental Practice, will have experience doing this for their patients when they get dental implants in Coalville.

The stages of the dental implants process

The exact details of the dental implant process will vary from patient to patient. However, the main stages are as follows:


This is where the dentist gathers the information that they need to make a unique treatment plan for their patient. This might involve some scans and an exchange of information. The dentist will ask questions to ascertain details about the patient’s dental and medical history and their lifestyle. These help them to uncover any factors that might affect the efficacy of the treatment and so mitigate any possible issues.


Sometimes, patients require some preparatory work before dental implants can be sited. This could involve the extraction of the remains of any old teeth. In consultation with the patient, they may also decide to remove any deteriorating teeth that are beyond repair so that they can be replaced at the same time.


Dental implants are usually fitted within a few hours. The patient has a local anaesthetic to make them comfortable during the process. The dentist makes small holes in the jawbone to fit the dental implants.


Afterwards, the patient may feel some soreness and bruising. They may also experience some bleeding. This is normal and will stop soon after. The healing process is when the jawbone knits around the implants to make them secure, so it is important that they are not disturbed during this time. The patient needs to stick to soft or liquid nourishment during this time and brush the area very lightly to keep it clean.