Home Care Instructions for Dental Implants in Birmingham

Woman smiling with her healthy teethPatients with missing or badly decayed teeth who have taken the step to get dental implants, rarely look back. Dental implants are a leap towards a beautiful and healthy smile. However, not everyone is aware of what to expect after implant surgery.

Dental implants in Birmingham are attached directly into the jawbone through a minor operation at a dental clinic such as Sutton Implant Clinic. While this operation is barely painful, it can cause a certain amount of discomfort. Here are a few effective ways patients can help themselves heal after implant surgery and what they should expect.

Aftercare tips

A dentist will ensure that every patient will feel comfortable after the operation, but in some cases, a slight discomfort cannot be avoided. Painkillers or prescribed antibiotics will do the trick. Sensitivity and swelling are expected to last for a few days – however, patients who experience pain and swelling for more than a week after the operation should contact their dentist since there might be something wrong with their dental implants. Swelling can be relieved with a cold compress gently placed outside the implant sites. Last but not least, light bleeding should occur for a few hours after the operation. Applying mild pressure to the implant sites with a clean gauze will help.

Do not smoke

Nicotine is an enemy of dental implants and smoking or chewing tobacco after the operation can seriously compromise the healing process. Nicotine traps oxygen and does not give the body the time needed to heal properly, leading to unnecessary complications or even implant failure. Patients who wish to have dental implants in Birmingham, should stop smoking.

Visit the dentist regularly

This is perhaps the most important advice for patients who want to keep their dental implants healthy for a long period of time. Dental implants cannot develop cavities, but can harbour gum disease, or more specifically peri-implantitis, a type of gum disease that affects dental implants. This condition can lead to implant failure. For this reason, visiting the dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning is essential for the health and longevity of dental implants in Birmingham.