The Icing on the Dental Cake

Having strong, healthy teeth is not always enough these days. If the teeth are yellow or brown, or have imperfections such as chips, cracks, or worn edges, or if there is too much gum, even though the teeth might be healthy, they don’t look so good. Having great looking teeth has numerous physical, psychological and social benefits that can make all the difference to life. That’s where cosmetic dentistry in Belfast comes in.

In Belfast, cosmetic dentistry is transforming the lives of people who, back in the day, would have had to put with a wonky, gappy or unattractive smile. Various dentists, including Blue Sky Dentistry, offer this service.

The process of getting cosmetic dental treatment

Sometimes cosmetic dentistry in Belfast is a formal service. Someone comes in and asks the dentist to do something to make their grim grin beautiful once more. In this case, the dentist will do a thorough examination and talk through with the patient about what their desired outcome is. Do they want that tooth replaced? What about those chips and cracks? And what about the colour? These are the kind of topics under discussion

Sometimes the patient just wants one tiny thing fixed. Maybe the bottom two front teeth don’t quite align with their neighbours.

At other times, the dentist may point something out, while they are treating the patient for another problem. They may say something about having white filings instead of amalgam, or suggest a veneer to cover up a chip on the tooth next to the one that the patient just had knocked out in a rugby match.

Whatever the process is, the dentist will write up a proposed treatment plan, including costs, so that there will be no surprises in timing or outlay for the patient. Once the patient has agreed, the treatment can go ahead.

Some treatments, such as teeth whitening, do not alter the structure of the teeth. For this reason, it is a very popular treatment, and can even be carried out at home with bespoke whitening gel trays and whitening gel supplied by the dentist. Others require two or three appointments, and do involve changes to the teeth. Others, such as replacing teeth with dental implants, can take several weeks to months.