Improving Smiles

a woman smiling at her dentistModern dentists have many ways to ensure the comfort of their patients who are having treatment to reposition the teeth. There are braces made of tooth-coloured material, and braces that attach to the back of the teeth. For adults in Weybridge, Invisalign uses another way to stay hidden. Made of transparent plastic and worn over the teeth, it is a popular and user-friendly way for patients to enhance their oral health.

Careful Planning

There is a methodical approach to tooth realignment. It beings with an in-depth consultation between the patient and the dental team in Weybridge. Invisalign can be used in a variety of cases, but is not always the best way to get the results the patient wants. The patient will explain how they’d like their teeth to appear after treatment, and the dental team will make sure their mouth is healthy enough for the process to begin.

Based on detailed images of the patient’s mouth, taken with 3D imaging software, a dental laboratory will then create a series of clear plastic aligners. During treatment, the patient will wear a set of these snugly-fitting aligners for 7-10 days, before moving on to the next set in the series. Each aligner’s shape is slightly different, and this gradually pressures the teeth into new positions.

User-Friendly Treatment

The experience of wearing Invisalign in Weybridge is one of convenience and ease. The clear plastic aligners are barely noticeable, and they can be removed from the mouth whenever necessary. There are no attachments. This makes meal times and tooth brushing much more enjoyable than they might be with traditional metal braces.

The overall duration of the treatment will vary, depending on how much change the patient wants to see in the positions of the teeth. Typical times are between 12-18 months. Once the period spent wearing Invisalign in Weybridge is over, the patient will probably need to wear a retainer while they sleep. This ensures the teeth get used to their improved positions.

The advantages of this treatment will last for many years. The patient will have a better-looking smile, improved oral hygiene, and a more effective bite.