Is Turmeric a Good Teeth Whitener?

Girl Smiling with Teeth Showing

The use of natural ingredients, such as turmeric, has become a good alternative for professional teeth whitening. Some dentists, however, have questioned the effectiveness of these ‘home remedies’.

In the case of turmeric, some lifestyle publications recommended using the spice in combination with coconut oil to lighten the shade of your teeth. The sources likewise claimed that the mixture aids in preventing oral disease and in the removing plaque build-up that causes tooth discolouration.

Scientific Proof

The latest dental trends and developments do not include the use of turmeric for whitening teeth, according to a Yorkshire-based dental professional. A private dentist in Hertfordshire will most likely say the same thing about using natural ingredients.

The National Health Service (NHS) likewise advised patients to consult with a dentist registered with the General Dental Council for teeth whitening services. They can look for registered dental therapists and dental hygienists as well.

Unlike in do-it-yourself (DIY) home kits, patients face lower health risks when they decide to seek professional help for dental whitening, according to the NHS.

NHS Advisory

Some of the risks involved in using DIY teeth whitening kits include poor-fitting mouth guards, which can allow some of the bleaching gel to come in contract with your gums. This could lead to blistering and burning sensations, particularly if you have sensitive teeth.

The NHS also warned against using home kits, as these products are less effective compared to those used by dentists. In short, you may be spending a small amount in exchange for results with certain risks that could eventually cost you more in the future.

Are you willing to use natural ingredients as an alternative to dental whitening even if they are not scientifically proven? Turmeric may or may not be effective for some people who want to whiten their teeth, so it is still ideal to seek professional help and advice for this.