Karma Mobility: Bringing Practicality to Wheelchair Users

Man with an electric wheelchairFor users of lightweight wheelchairs and powerchairs, there can be many aspects that can be difficult to deal with in daily life.

One such problem is storing and carrying items when the user is out and about. Shopping can be especially difficult, with items often being stacked on the user’s lap and being carried in their hands.

Although lightweight wheelchairs and powerchairs from reputable providers such as Karma Mobility can be a big improvement on traditional wheelchairs, they do come with their own set of inconveniences. This is why a range of accessories are now available to provide solutions to these problems.

These accessories can bring a whole new realm of practicality to wheelchair users, some often wondering what they did before they had the accessories.

Safety, comfort and confidence

Using lightweight wheelchairsand powerchairs should feel secure and safe.Some users may need extra support to feel truly confident in their chair.

The conditions that lead to the need for mobility assistance can affect other parts of the body, so a range of belts and straps that can help secure users in their wheelchairs are now available, enabling users to feel confident enough in their wheelchair to carry on living their lives to their full potential.

Bags for lightweight wheelchairs and powerchairs

If the user in interested in finding a boost in practicality for their wheelchair, there are different types of bags that attach to wheelchairs.

One such example is a bag that attaches to the backrest that can be used to house all the user’s essentials, allowing the user’s hands to be free to move around. Another type of bag that is a net bag that attaches to the underside of the seat. This can be used to carry larger items more easily.