Why Do People Go Vegan?

VegetablesA person takes different paths before s/he arrives in a decision to practice veganism. It all boils down to their interests, outlook and experiences, and sometimes the timing of certain situations. Experts cite the following reasons people choose to go vegan.

To Stay Healthy

A lot of people go on a vegan diet because they realize the dangers of eating too much meat and dairy products. Meats and related food products increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Eating too much of these increases the bad fat and cholesterol in the body, clogging the arteries and may even shorten a person’s life. Some choose a plant-based diet to stay healthy and protect themselves from life-threatening ailments.

Regularly eating vegetables helps cleanse the body and filter toxins, improving life expectancy and quality of life for several years. There are also plants that provide the protein a person needs.

Do Their Part in Conserving the Environment

People are now more aware of the dangers of climate change and what they can do to at least slow it down. Industrialized animal farming, for one, is a huge violator. The production of meat and animal products requires a lot more gas and resources to not only reach its final step, but to move them from place to place.

The amount of grain required to feed livestock is also a significant factor to deforestation, extinction of other species, destruction of ecosystems and habitat loss.

These two common reasons suggest veganism as a personal choice rather than something that is coerced by society. It’s important to note that what we eat has a direct effect on our viewpoint. So in your next meal, take a brief moment in thinking how much energy it took to have the food arrived on you.