Reasons You Should Never Ignore Toothaches

Woman with Toothache

Toothaches are some of the worse kinds of pain anyone can ever experience. The pain emanating from it can quickly spread throughout the face and up to the head, sometimes, even down to the neck and shoulders.

Because of these severely unpleasant feelings, most people who suffer from them have a hard time to sleep, study or work, or even do anything at all. When you find yourself in this situation, possibly the best thing you can do is to head straight to an emergency dentist here in Hertfordshire.

Severe Pain Warrants Immediate Attention

There are many possible causes of extreme toothaches, but one thing remains certain: they can strike anytime, and sometimes, during days when you cannot see your regular dentist.

Because the pain can debilitate you, you should not delay seeing a specialist who can diagnose you correctly and provide you with the most appropriate treatment. It is important that you seek immediate professional dental assistance, as that toothache can indicate a more severe underlying problem.

How Toothaches Can Signal a More Serious Oral Health Issue

Although in many instances, the pain around the teeth or the jaw usually indicates caries or cavities, it can also mean a myriad of other problems. You might already have developed gum disease, or worse, periodontitis.

Damaged tooth, infections, exposed roots, and jaw joint diseases come associated with tooth pains. Since it is dangerous to self-diagnose and self-medicate, you should contact an emergency oral health care professional right away, when you cannot get in touch with your regular dentist.

Tooth Pains and Extractions

Sometimes, toothaches may mean that the problem already requires emergency extraction. For instance, it is possible that the cavity has become so severe that delaying the removal of the affected teeth can already cause infections to spread or other issues to develop.

In this case, you should not wait for your regular dentist, as it can wreak havoc on your oral health.

It is important that you always know what to do when you have a toothache. You should have it checked and addressed right away before it gets worse.