Straight Teeth at Any Time of Your Life

When a part of the body doesn’t work properly it can become increasingly uncomfortable and difficult to live with. What starts off as something mildly inconvenient, can, over years result in pain and pressure elsewhere in the body. This is as true for misaligned teeth as for other parts of the body, which is why orthodontics in Harley Street is such an important part of dentistry.

Consequences of misalignment

Misaligned teeth cannot do their job of getting food ready to be digested properly because they cannot deliver an even pressure across the bite. When the jaws also do not align, this creates a similar problem. Misalignment can result in pain in the head and neck, as well as the jaw joint. Keeping misaligned teeth clean is more difficult, and people with teeth that have more places for plaque to build up tend to suffer more from decay and gum disease. This can lead to the loss of teeth, which leads the patient into a whole new realm of expensive ways to replace those teeth. Fortunately, orthodontics in Harley Street, for child and adult alike, can realign the bite and straighten wonky teeth. Treatment is available from reputable dentists such as Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Starting early

It is a good idea to bring children along for check-ups from a young age so that the dentist can keep an eye on their teeth and spot any potential problems with their teeth coming through, or a misaligned bite. An orthodontics check-up at around age seven is recommended for this reason. Advance knowledge allows for the chance to correct misalignments at a time when the jawbone is still malleable and has not set hard. This means before youngsters reach their late teens.

Treatment to realign the jaws requires more force for longer than realigning the teeth. This means wearing the traditional metal train track braces, but they can be brightened up with coloured bands. If only the teeth need to be realigned, orthodontics in Harley Street can use much gentler forces to move the teeth more quickly. Realigning the teeth only can take from a few weeks (for the front two teeth) to just about a year or so, depending on what needs doing.