Straightening Teeth Has Never Been So Easy

a woman with perfectly straight teeth smiling while sitting on a dental chairIn the past, if a patient wanted to straighten their teeth, the best option would always be traditional braces. Options were limited and although traditional braces do offer the results that a lot of patients were looking for, they came with many disadvantages and annoyances.

For practices like Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, Invisalign may be a better option when providing teeth straightening options. There are lots of new treatments that may fit with a patient’s lifestyle. With these flexible teeth straightening options, there’s truly never been a better time to consider teeth straightening.

Invisalign: adjusting teeth invisibly

Many patients may have been put off striving for straighter teeth in the past because of the visual aspects of ‘train track’ braces. Because of the association with children’s teeth, many patients think they could feel embarrassed whilst their treatment is underway.

Advances in materials has made it possible for patients to pick treatments that can straighten their teeth without any visual impact at all. Invisalign utilises clear plastics formed into tooth trays that adjusts the patient’s teeth over time.

With Invisalign in Glasgow, each tray is slightly different in shape and is changed every two weeks, gently moving the patient’s teeth into their desired position that is planned carefully before the treatment starts.

A big advantage of this type of treatment is that the tooth trays are completely removable for the duration of the treatment, making meal times much less of a hassle.

Invisalign vs. traditional braces

Traditional braces may be better suited to more dramatic tooth adjustments, where Invisalign is better suited to more minor adjustments. In Glasgow, Invisalign treatment is better suited to adult users who need more minor adjustment to their teeth or have had braces in the past and need their teeth to be corrected.

A big advantage Invisalign has over traditional braces is that patients with braces my find keeping their teeth clean more difficult. With Invisalign, patients are told to look after their teeth the same way they usually would, just removing the tooth trays.

This removability also allows the user to enjoy all the same foods as they did before, without having to worry about damaging their braces.