The Cheat Sheet for Sheets: Prepping Your Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Girl sleeping soundlyAh, sleep.

Isn’t sleep just one of the greatest joys in life? A good night’s sleep does more than refresh and recharge your body: it also does wonders to your health and well-being.

There are days, however, when sleep is elusive, and you just find yourself tossing and turning in bed. When looking to improve sleep, people usually trace their activities leading up to bedtime, as well as the quality of their mattress. Companies like emphasize that your bedding and pillow cases make the difference between a rejuvenating sleep and an unrestful night.

Dive into these facts to help you prepare your bedding for a restful night:

Never Use Your Sheets Straight from the Packaging

Always wash your sheets before using them; twice, if possible. Irritants can get on your sheets while they’re inside the packaging.

For allergy-free sheets, wash them more than twice with mild detergent. Remember that in most cases, what irritates sensitive skin isn’t your sheets’ fabric itself, but the detergent you washed it in. Make sure to choose detergents that are free from dyes and perfumes.

Toss Your Sheets into the Laundry Basket at Least Every 10 Days

If you live an active lifestyle, you want to change your bedding more often. Once a week should be good for those who work outside, while individuals who work at home or lead less active lives can go without changing for a maximum of 10 days.

The Material Matters

Some materials tend to be cooler than others. Synthetics, for instance, are likely to trap heat and make you feel uncomfortable. The best sheets are those made from natural materials with a soft, sateen type of finish.

When looking for luxe, natural bedding that are extremely gentle to the skin, find providers or shops that offer a line of opulent sheets made from environment-friendly, ultra-comfortable materials such as bamboo cotton. These lavish blankets offer the perfect marriage of comfort and style, so you can enjoy a restful night while keeping your room’s chic aesthetics.