The Different Kinds of Braces in Cheltenham

Woman with braces holding an appleTime was that braces were braces. They were big, they were metal, they took over someone’s entire mouth, and, although they did the job, no one enjoyed wearing them, or looking at them. Times have changed and it is now possible to choose from a variety of braces in Cheltenham.

Not all dentists offer braces in Cheltenham. This is because, until fairly recently, dentists needed to have undergone postgraduate training lasting 2-3 years to qualify to fit braces. It’s different now and general dentists can be accredited to fit braces for milder forms of misalignments that affect the teeth only and not the bite (how the jaws meet together). Some dentists, such as Cheltenham Dental Spa, offer both: cosmetic braces for milder misalignments and appointments with the trained dentist who focuses on braces treatment.

But why bother with braces at all, especially if it’s just the teeth that are out of whack? Well, there are lots of benefits to wearing braces. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Braces in Cheltenham

Looking Great Makes People Feel Great

People are more likely to smile when they feel good about their teeth, and science has discovered that smiling a genuine smile, the one where the eyes crinkle up, releases a hit of serotonin. This is the body’s feel-good chemical. This is a positive cycle, as people who feel good tend to smile more. So, smiling is good for the mental health.

Smiling Makes New Friends

Smiling at strangers, friends, colleagues and family engenders feelings of warmth and friendliness in them. They then want to help the smiler. This is a hardwired response from prehistory, when smiling was a way of working out if someone was a friend or an enemy from a distance. Having a great smile and using it can open doors in friendships and careers as well as making brief everyday interactions more meaningful.

Teeth Last Longer

Of course, there are also benefits to the teeth. When they are all lined up correctly, they are much easier to keep clean. They also work together as a team, sharing the burden of chewing, rather than one or two doing all the work, which can make them split and crumble in later life.