Utah is Winning Against Diabetes but Losing to The Sun

a doctor and her patientThese days, many Utah residents are healthier than other people in the USA. However, they are also at risk of acquiring cancer. Nationwide, Utah ranks number one when it comes to skin cancer.

Fighting Obesity and Diabetes

Utah has one of the lowest incidences of obesity and diabetes. Government programs, attentive family physicians, and state culture have kept the numbers down. Although most counties have it better than others, Utah’s rate of obesity and diabetes does not come close to the national average of 40 percent.

Elevation, the Sun, and Cancer

The number one spot is not desirable when it comes to skin cancer. Although Summit County is good at fighting obesity, its residents experience more incidences of melanoma compared to the rest of the nation. The elevation is one of the reasons for this statistic. For every 1,000 feet, ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases by seven percent. Salt Lake residents are exposed to 28 percent more UV rays. On the other hand, Summit County residents are exposed to 56% more UV rays.

Stay Away from the Sun

You have to avoid dangerous UV radiation. Use sunblock or protective clothing when going out. Also, try to schedule your outdoor activities when the sun is not at its highest. Have regular checkups to keep your sugar levels in check and consult your dermatologist when you spot unnatural growths or skin discoloration.

In the end, you cannot hide from the sun altogether, but you can take measures to lessen your UV exposure. Keep eating healthy and continue exercising. However, do not forget to have regular checkups.