Way to go! Dental implants in Leeds

Closeup image of a concept of dental implantsGetting dental implants in Leeds is becoming the norm now that this technology has been available for more than 30 years. Since dental implants came on the market, dentists around the world have improved their design and found ways to use them that make them increasingly versatile.

Dental implants in Leeds can now be used by people who, 30 years ago, would have been told that they were unsuitable for treatment. Sometimes this is still the case but less and less so. The best way to find out is to have a consultation with a dentist such as Enhancedental.

The jaw

Being able to have dental implants in Leeds often comes down to whether the jawbone is strong enough to support the implants. The implant has to fuse with the jawbone, which means that the bone cells must be actively renewing themselves and able to easily produce new bone tissue around the implants to hold them in place. Then the jawbone has to be strong and dense enough to withstand the powerful forces created when people chew. This can be as much as 97kg or 200lbs, as anyone who has ever bitten their tongue will know. The state of the jawbone is especially important because the implants are in direct contact with the bone, whereas natural teeth are in sockets and connected to the jawbone by fibres, which gives them a tiny bit of jiggle space, which can diffuse some of the impact of chewing.

Solutions to jaw issues

If the jaw has deteriorated due to there not being teeth in the bone for some time, there are ways to get the bone to rebuild itself. Bone grafts are one way. Bone is taken from the patient, or another source, sometimes synthetic, and put into a space made in the jawbone. Sometimes bone tissue is put into the sinus cavity, if it has grown too large to support implants. The bone graft or sinus lift then needs time to integrate with the bone tissue, which can add several weeks to the treatment journey.

Protein rich in growth factor (PRGF) treatment can also be used to speed up healing times.