Who’s Wearing Clear Braces in Beaconsfield?

Clear bracesFunny how so many people appear to be getting their teeth straightened, and yet it’s very rarely that one actually sees any adults wearing clear braces in Beaconsfield.

Are they getting their teeth straightened by magic? Nope. They’re using clear braces in Beaconsfield, which are available from local dentists such as Garden View Dental Care.

Clear braces are the next generation of teeth straightening, the descendants of the dreaded train track metal braces forever associated with1970s and 1980s kids’ TV shows like The Brady Bunch. Boy, those kids really earned their money, having to be on TV and talk clearly while their teeth were covered in enough metal to build the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s incredible to think that now, only a few decades later, people are able to sneakily get their teeth straightened with braces that are so delicate they look like teeth jewellery rather than dental appliances.

Six Month Smiles

Brand-named Six Months Smiles, these braces feature clear ceramic brackets strung together with fine tooth-coloured wires. Both brackets and wires are much more delicate than the chunky 70s metal braces, looking for all the world like a series of crystals on a pearly string. These braces are so-named because the average treatment time takes only six months. Such speed is possible because the braces are only working on the front six ‘social’ teeth. These are the teeth that are most often visible when we talk and smile. They only have one root per crown, whereas the molars, which do the chewing, are very firmly anchored into the jaw with three roots per crown.

But why bother getting straighter teeth in adulthood? Actually, there are some very good reasons. Perhaps the most important is that straight teeth evenly distribute the strong forces created with biting and chewing, rather than the brunt of the force being borne by only a few teeth. When the latter is the case, the teeth doing all the work crumble away far more quickly. When all the teeth work as a team, provided they are well maintained, there’s a better chance of them remaining intact, perhaps even for life.