A Closer Look at Essential Gardening Tools for Your Little Oasis

an old lady gardeningGardening is as much a science project as it is an artistic craft. You would need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands, and a basic pruner to keep the shrubs in great shape. Remember to put “spade” and “rake” on the list, as well. You might be thinking you’re set – that your list is the definitive list of must-have gardening tools.

We will throw in three more tools essential for plant care to complete your selection:

A hand trowel for planting

If you have tried planting using your hands, you know it can be a futile exercise. When it comes to digging a precise hole in the earth that will eventually house and nurture a living plant, there is nothing better than a stainless steel trowel. It allows you to plant what you want to grow, and is useful in taking out weeds and mixing soil as well. Vegetables will not grow well unless you dig the holes with precision. The scoop-shaped hand trowel’s design is perfect for transplanting plants, too. Invest in a tool that offers reliability and longevity.

A hoe for landscaping

The basic design of the gardening hoe has been around for thousands of years. The flat blade is useful for breaking the ground, digging, chopping and cultivating. The long handle allows for easy handling—easy on the arms and on the back. Did you know there are different types of gardening hoes? It pays to familiarise yourself with every kind and its intended use.

A wheelbarrow for garden maintenance

A two-handed wheelbarrow is worth every dollar you spend. You can use it to haul soil and compost. You can use it to bring seedlings and seeds on site for planting or re-planting. A garden cart is perfect for carrying and transporting things. For expert gardeners, it is unthinkable to maintain a healthy yard without a wheelbarrow.

Each tool has its particular use for garden maintenance. Invest wisely in the tools that will be going into your toolkit.