Same-Day Edits: The Art of Telling a Wedding Story in Five Minutes (or Less)

Newly weds leaving the churchFiguring out the budget for your wedding can be a challenge. Fortunately, Philippine wedding suppliers have really stepped up their game to help you get the wedding of your dreams at a reasonable price. It’s no longer a question of whether you’ll find the right supplier to work with, but rather how you’ll break down your wedding budget.

Reception venues and catering services traditionally take up a large chunk of your budget. Recently though, wedding videographers and same-day edits have been climbing to the top of budget considerations.

Same-day edit (SDE) wedding videos have only been around for a little over a decade in the Philippines but have completely changed the game for both wedding videographers and couples. Its popularity continues to grow, thanks in part to the stunningly cinematic and emotional SDEs of famous celebrities.

The allure of instantly replaying memories

Some of the more budget-conscious couples may not immediately see the allure of SDEs. After all, watching an event you just played a central role in may seem like a waste of time (and money).

SDEs are more than a simple replay of the day, though. In the space of five minutes or less, you witness the story of your special day in an emotionally captivating way and remind everyone of the reason behind the celebration.

It gives you and your partner a way to not only commemorate your special day for the rest of your lives but to relive your wedding from a different perspective. SDEs give you a chance to see the little things you may have missed and to appreciate all the work that went into your wedding day.

More than a wedding story

Contrary to its name, an SDE doesn’t have to be limited to telling the story of just your wedding day. It can include wedding preparations from the night before, brunch with your and your partner’s families, or despedida party.

Don’t be afraid to make advance requests to your videographer about something you may want to include in your SDE. After all, it’s supposed to capture the essence of your relationship and wedding. Your requests may even be the missing piece that will tie your whole SDE together.

An SDE wedding video is more than just a trend. It’s an amazing way to share your wedding experience and to relive the emotions of your special day.