Secrets to Staying Focused as an Entrepreneur

Cafe owner in front of the counterEntrepreneurs always have a lot on their plate: juggling different businesses, exploring a new opportunity, spending time with family, finding ‘me’ time, and more. They’re the best multi-taskers. The secret behind this? The ability to stay focused.

This is a rare skill today, with the abundance of distractions from technology, news updates, constant notifications, and other things. Keep your eyes on the prize by trying these tips:

Be smart in your to-do list

The good old to-do list is the best tool to stay focused. But it could quickly become just a compilation of all the busy work, instead of the business work. In an attempt to be productive, many business owners do everything to get something. The result is a tired entrepreneur who has gotten burnt out without making much progress in business.

When making your to-do list, try to keep it to the five most important things you should be doing. What are the tasks that would propel the business? Is it finding additional investors or launching another product line? Perhaps it’s time to explore those clothing boutique franchise opportunities that have been waiting for so long. Be strategic in creating your to-do list.

Maximize technology

Mobile devices are attention seekers. You look at them for minutes and you’re stuck into the rabbit hole for hours that should otherwise be dedicated to planning. You’re supposed to control technology and not the other way around. Set limits to using your devices. The simple act of turning off notifications from social media apps would help. Keeping your phone on silent mode would also keep you from reaching for it every time it bleeps.

Emails could be distracting as well. It’s harder to zone in to the thinking-planning bubble when you’re bombarded with too many messages on your mind. Many entrepreneurs deal with this by checking their e-mails only three to five times a day.

Empower your team

It will be easier to focus on your own tasks when you have a team you can trust. So, it’s important to always be aligned with your employees about your expectations and check on their progress. Dedicate at least once a week to discuss matters with the members. But remember to be clear on your agenda whenever you set a meeting. This will also help you stay focused during your session.

Entrepreneurs seem to have all the time in the world because they know how to focus. Keep your eyes on your goals and work on them as you grow your business.