Clothing Sales Bolster Australian Malls’ Business in April

Women enjoying the clothing saleAustralian retail companies posted strong sales in April due to the Easter and school holidays, after department stores have begun to sell winter clothing from cashmere cardigans to thick scarves.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that retail sales during the month increased 1% to $25.89 billion. Sales between January and April also rose by 3.1%. In South Australia, retailers enjoyed a 4% year-over-year increase in sales, amounting to $1.7 billion.

Sale Prices

Russell Zimmerman, Australian Retailers’ Association executive director, said that not all sectors of the retail industry are performing well in terms of business. The Australian government’s tax hikes affected consumer spending habits, which have hurt certain retail markets.

Still, discounted prices for a wide selection of products led consumers to spend on clothing items, as some malls opened for business during the Easter period. Shopping centres in Australia normally close during normal weekends, yet the holidays provided them with a chance to take advantage of larger foot traffic.

Closet Space

If you are one of those that bought more than what can fit in your closet,
simple tricks can help in organising your winter clothes. Seasons come and go, and so should your summer and spring clothes. You don’t need to throw them when emptying out your closet, but rather keep them in a separate storage where you can pull them out again at the end of winter.

For knitwear, never hang these clothes to avoid stretching them out. Invest in 100% cashmere cardigans since these will last for several seasons.

Strong clothing sales ahead of the winter season indicated that consumers already started to fill their closets, although fashion doesn’t have to cost a lot to be stylish. Instead of paying close attention to wardrobe trends, focus on buying apparel made from quality materials to keep you warm all season.