Old is Gold: Fall Fashion Trends

Models in fall outfits

With summer almost officially over, some of you may have started feeling a little chill in the air. Not to worry, winter isn’t here yet. You still have the fall season to look forward to, when the trees turn red and gold, and the days start getting shorter.

As with a shift in season, there is also a change in fashion. For this year’s fall line, here are a couple of themes that rocked the runway this year.

Hits on the Runway

The Fall Fashion Week 2017 brought back several hits from days gone by. Vintage was a definite theme for some as high-end designers showcased luxurious fur coats and hats to keep you warm in style. Other designs featured both dark and light shades of red, Victorian collars (fancy turtlenecks), fashionable feathers and fringes, and the ever classic suit. 

For New York Fashion Week, patriotism strutted the runway as a response to the outcome of the election with statement tees and an American Flag skirt.

High-end fashion, of course, is not something that can be worn easilyjust anywhere and every day. That doesn’t mean that there’s no way for the general public to dress in the current trend. Thousands of retailers worldwide offer ready-made clothing that combines luxurious fabric with everyday materials like denim. Yes, casual luxury is a thing, and fashion innovators at True Grit agree.

Fashion Never Dies

Trends come and go, but they’re never away for long. If you put together centuries of style and designs, you’ll see that they eventually come back full circle. Sure, some people look for something “fresh” once in a while, but you can only come up with so many new ideas before hitting a roadblock. It’s how the Renaissance happened, a rebirth of the classics. Old and new styles combine, bringing you that nostalgic feeling without suffering from redundancy. 

Just as the saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” you can expect to see more of the old trends making a comeback. Maybe in a decade or two, some designers will come up with a whole new style with the help of today’s fashion trend.