Staying on Budget while Travelling with Your Kids to Another Country

Happy family by the poolHow fun is it to travel with kids to another country? Those who did might say that it is a wonderful and unforgettable experience, but you cannot completely say that the same will apply to you. Remember that it all depends on the preparation you did.

For first-time travellers, it is easy to realise that money is a big factor. After all, you need to spend on visa requirements, plane tickets, food and accommodation, transportation, tour attractions, souvenirs, and many other things. Do not let your budget stop your family from enjoying, though. You can work around it if you set a plan and stick to it until the end.

Do your research

The first step is to get tips from travel shows and magazines (both online and print). Take note of their advice, especially those related with kids and budgeting. Better yet, ask parents who have already travelled with their young ones abroad. Who knows, you might get an advice you will not find anywhere.

Book everything beforehand

A country like Singapore has many interesting places to visit and they sure have discounts for tourists. If you are planning to visit Sentosa, for instance, you can find great deals at their official store’s website. A good example is their under $30 deals. If you are planning to see the Wings of Time anyway, might as well get tickets for their EAT X PLAY: Wings of Time + Dinner Buffet promo. With its usual price of 47 SGD, you can buy tickets online using your credit card for 27 SGD (Child) and 29 SGD (Adult). Or check the Sentosa family pass for better rates.

Prioritise your child

While your goal is to save, you would not want to sacrifice the feelings of your kids. Expect mood swings to happen, especially when you let them stay at a not-so-neat accommodation or take them to ‘boring’ destinations. Know what makes your child happy. Choose destinations (that are within your budget) you think they might like. If your kids want to bring toys, then allow them to pack their favourite ones to avoid tantrums.

Travelling with kids and budgeting could go hand in hand. All you need is to be prepared.