The Best Way to Plan a Team Building Activity That Actually Works

Hands symbolizing team workTeam building has a bad rep. Some employees think it simply doesn’t work, while some employees believe it’s just a waste of precious time that can otherwise be dedicated to more productive things. But despite these criticisms, team building still works — provided that it’s designed to achieve two things: the team’s needs and the company’s business goals.

Minding the Gap

The point of team building activity is to foster trust and improve the skills of your employees. Your team needs to achieve both because otherwise, there will be a competence or character gap in your organization. When a company fails to identify and address those gaps in team buildings, these events will have no impact on the employees.

You need to know which skills or attitudes are lacking in employees. Write them down. If you have a small team, assess each member; and if you have a large team, have supervisors to help you with the assessments. Summarize your members’ needs and it will be easier to think of activities that would enable them to cultivate the skills and attitudes you want them to develop. Doing so will also help you narrow down your options and quickly decide on matters like logistics and venue. When choosing an events space around Edwardsville, remember that the venue is crucial to the success of your team building program.

From Gap to Goals

Once you know the gaps, you need to set objectives concerning those needs. You also have to communicate them to your employees so that everyone is on the same page. Finally, your activity’s goals should align with your business goals.

So, for example, you identified that the gap you’re trying to address for this team is poor communication. One of your goals could be for the team to choose a leader who’ll facilitate discussions during the activities.

Plan your next team-building activity with the gaps and your goals in mind. It will become easier to think of appropriate activities, find the best venue, and make a lasting impression on your team.