The Rise of the Manzilian, or the Male Version of a Brazilian Wax

Manzilian procedureGone are the days when a man’s masculinity was dependent on the thickness of his chest hair or the length of his beard.

Manscaping has become a permanent part of the modern man’s regimen, especially now in a post-metrosexual society. It’s hard to find a gentleman who doesn’t trim his body hair ahead of the beach season, or who doesn’t thread his eyebrows.

With this manscaping trend comes another trend in men’s grooming: the manzilian.

His and Hers Waxing defines manzilian as the male version of a Brazilian wax, where all of the hair is yanked from the genital area—all of it.

The Rising Manzilian Trend

So, what’s driving this growing trend?Removing hair down there for men is not something new; the ancient Egyptians did it to keep crab lice or pubic lice at bay. Roman boys also had their hair removed as a rite of passage to ease into adulthood. But today’s rising manzilian trend has more to do with attracting a partner.

In fact, according to a study, 60% of men say that they would shave their genitals to make their partners happy.

In addition, this growing trend could be attributed to the waxed perfection of celebrity leading men, such as Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth, as well as the shaved physiques of athletes in calendars.

Does It Hurt?

If you’re considering getting your Austin Powers love rug removed, the first question probably running through your head is “Does it hurt?”

Of course, it may hurt, but that depends on your pain tolerance. Waxing regularly becomes painless in time, however, and the first wax is often the worst.

Experts recommend that you take painkillers before the session to take the sting out of it.

Getting a manzilian is not a walk in the park, but the pain lessens with time—and the result will boost your chances with the ladies. Good luck!