Three Real Estate Seller Statements That You Should Be Wary Of

Property seller giving keys to old coupleSalespeople need to hone their craft to make a living. However, take note that not all the say should be taken at face value. Being aware of promotional strategies can help you identify those with hidden agendas from the ones who are sincere. Take note of the following statements because crafty and dubious sellers can misuse them.

1. “Limited Time Only”

Promotions of this type is common, and you can see it each time you go through a supermarket aisle or in the newspaper ads. Real estate agents also use this strategy to make a fast sale, telling clients that this is a limited time offer and if you don’t take advantage today, it won’t be available anymore. Buyers that seem to be easily swayed by this tactic would be pressured into taking this “good deal” without much study or investigation.

2. “Do the Math”

Most infamously used in an Atari ad for the failed Jaguar game console, this kind of marketing slogan usually implies that what they’re selling is big based on statistics. It can also mean that their offer is better than the new homes made by their construction and build competitors in Draper. Experts at Wright Homes warn that home buyers may be sucked in due to the assumption that purchasing something that’s “in” at an “affordable” price means they’ve struck gold. As a rule, spend time researching about any acquisition before you sign that dotted line.

3. “More than Meets the Eye”

It’s easy to justify buying just because a special sale caught your attention or you’re finally being offered your dream house. However, there may be hidden issues that were not discussed with you, and this might result in a very beautiful but regrettable purchase. Don’t make the mistake of buying a house because of its aesthetics and then regretting it because of all the issues are hidden underneath the surface.

Owning your first home is a milestone. As much as possible, take the given statements with a grain of salt. Be warned that not and remember that not all properties for sale are a good buy.