Getting the Right Custom Jewelry for You

Diamond Stud EarringsDo you find it hard to look for an accessory that catches your eye?  Then maybe custom jewelry is for you especially in St.Louis, MO. Custom jewelry uses metal, wood, and stones of your choice. Usually, custom jewelry should reflect your personality. But, what is the process of getting a custom piece of jewelry?

Bring Your Vision

The main reason to get custom jewelry is to design a piece that is only for you. Decide on the type of the jewelry, the materials and the design so you will create a piece that complements your qualities. When translating your vision into jewelry design, there are no limitations.

Go Deeper into the Details

You can choose to use a simple design, but that is not always the case. Most of the time, custom jewelry contains details that distinguish them from regular pieces. The details can be a personalized engraving of words or images or a design you created.

Visit your Jeweler

Your jeweler is an essential factor in bringing your vision to reality. Make sure you get a jeweler who is an expert in making custom jewelry. The jeweler will then sketch what you have explained to them, or use AUTOCAD to create a 3D image of the expected result. You can then create this image digitally until it suits the image you’ve wanted.

It is essential to visit your jeweler before it is time to pick your piece of jewelry. These visits allow you to view the piece during the creation. Sometimes, the jeweler comes up with a different piece that will resemble your exact piece to show you what to expect.

It takes longer to get custom jewelry in St. Louis, MO than walking into a jewelry shop and choosing a jewelry piece that pleases you. Nevertheless, the wait is worth it. A custom piece of jewelry is a piece that will have sentimental value and one that you can give as an heirloom.