3 Facts About Hops Plant That You Should Know

Beer BottlesAt first glance, you might think that a hop plant is pretty ordinary. Although you can purchase Citra hops by the pound, it’s always best to know what hops are, as well as the role it plays in brewing beer.

Here are a few facts you might want to know about hops and its importance in the liquor industry.

Hops and cannabis

Hops are a cousin of cannabis but without the THC. It contains oils and acids that give it a beer its distinct and bitter flavor. Brewers add it at the boiling stage of brewing for an hour until it releases the alpha acids that help balance the bitterness and sweetness of the malt.

Hops are flowers

Hops are flowers known for its cone-shaped figure and are generally used to preserve beer. There are at least 80 different types of hops plants that you can purchase today, depending on your needs.

Hops have three main categories

You can differentiate hops into three different types: aroma, bittering, and dual. Bittering hops tend to contain a high amount of acid that gives the beer its distinct bitter flavor. Aroma hops include less acid but have a more distinguished taste. Brewers use aroma hops to give a beer a more pronounced smell and taste.

Dual hops have an even amount of acid with a good aroma and small. Most experts would suggest using dual hops if you want to brew a beer on your own.

Hops can be a great addition that add flavor to your beer. You can even check how hops were used in a particular beer by checking the International Bittering Units or IBU level. The IBU level marks the iso-alpha acids that the beer contains.

So, whether you noticed the distinct bitter flavor of the beer or not, you might just be enjoying the benefits of the hops in your beer.