3 Steps in Creating Your Own Tuscan-Style Garden

Tuscan-inspired gardenA beautiful garden is more than just having nice blooms and interesting features. Its cohesiveness and style complete the overall look. Among the many garden styles, there’s a reason why an Italian-inspired garden continues to be a favorite of many homeowners.

Include hardscape elements

Hardscapes are an ever-present element in Italian-inspired gardens. Usually, these can include walkways made of stone, tiles of different but often warm colors, and pottery pieces. The beauty of Tuscan-inspired gardens is the warm feeling, which is made possible by the red and brown hues of Italian garden planters. Whether you are right in the middle of an urban city or secluded in a gated village, a garden with this style gives you a cool sanctuary.

Use good Italian garden planters

Almost every Tuscan-inspired garden has a good collection of planters to showcase colorful summer flowers. One should invest in good terracotta planters and mismatched pots. Instead of going with a uniform look, use Italian garden planters that vary in size and shape to achieve an eclectic look. These planters can be used to decorate paths, or they can be placed in one corner of the garden to house all your colorful blooms.

Have a formal courtyard

Blending the indoors with outdoor elements is a great way to achieve a unified design for the home. This can be done by creating a formal courtyard. A main aspect of this is having a seamless link between the indoor living area and an outdoor seating area. Pergolas are great structures that are also functional, especially for entertaining guests. Don’t forget to have Italian garden planters strategically placed to complete the little details.

Transport yourself into a Tuscan garden without leaving the comfort of your own home. With the right elements and details incorporated in the nooks and crannies of the garden, you can have your own little piece of heaven under the Tuscan sun.