Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget? Here’s How You Can Save

Close up of man holding wedding ringWhen you finally found the one you are willing to spend your life with, you are likely thinking of asking her to marry you. Proposing can be as simple as asking her the magic question in a special place that meant to her or both you.

While it is normal to be preoccupied with when and how you are going to ask her, you should also consider the ring that should always come with the proposal. Your girl might say “yes” without a ring, but she is likely to be disappointed.

This is why you should not propose empty-handed. You do not necessarily need a big budget to buy an engagement ring. Here a few ways to save on a ring:

Skip the big rock. 

If you cannot afford a big diamond, consider little ones like a three-diamond ring or a halo ring style. If you prefer the traditional ring with a single diamond on top, find a smaller rock or a 0.8- or 0.95-carat stone instead of a full one carat.

Consider other gems. 

While the common ring is a diamond, you always have the option to choose other stones like sapphires or rubies. Moissanite is also a great alternative to diamond, as it is durable and more affordable. Moissanite jewelry sale stores note that it is ideal if you want to spend your money on a honeymoon or house deposit instead of an expensive ring.

Choose a lower clarity. 

Apart from considering small diamonds or other gems, you can also find a stone with a lower clarity. It is usually difficult to see the difference, and you do not need a high clarity stone to have a beautiful ring.

Note that while you can sacrifice on clarity, you should never do this on the stone’s cut.

Do your research to learn more about how you can find the right ring and save more money. You can also visit a reputable jewelry store to help you decide on choosing a ring.