#CoupleGoals: 3 Steps to Avoiding Lover’s Quarrels During Wedding Planning

Young couple planningWedding planning is stressful. It’s not just because there are lots of Denver venues to check out and logistics to smooth out, but because you’re essentially working with someone who has a different set of values (and taste in flowers and table decorations).

In fact, a lot of couples experience a strain in their relationship during wedding planning, with some even considering eloping, postponing the event, and well, calling the entire thing off completely. But these struggles are also what make wedding planning a memorable journey for you and your partner.

You get to know them better and see them in a new light. As you would soon realize, wedding planning is the rehearsal for the realness of marriage. But just to manage and reduce those lover’s quarrels during this time, here are some strategies to follow and allow a less nerve-racking wedding planning:

1. Discuss Expectations

At the root of most couple fights in wedding planning is a misguided assumption. “I thought you’re the one contacting the wedding florist?” or “You should have told the stylist to refer to this event design.”

Denver wedding planners, Alexan Events included, strongly recommend laying down expectations and letting each other know at which level of involvement you can commit, before even getting into the details of the ceremony. This will guarantee you’re on the same page, at the same time, make you accountable to the tasks you’ve committed to.

2. Divide and Conquer

Brides are usually the busy ones when it comes to planning weddings. Sometimes, they go as far as being perfectionists to making details work. But in such a big event like this, it’s not practical (and sane) to hoard tasks for yourself.

Share the load in accomplishing tasks from major ones, such as talking to vendors to the minor, like sending save-the-dates. This would teach you the important lesson of trusting your partner and well, laughing at mistakes along the way.

3. Decide on When to Disagree

And when to let go. Surely, along the way, you would have different tastes and takes on wedding details. When you disagree with something your partner tells you, take a step back if that really is important to you.

If it is, talk about it. If not and you could sleep well at night even though your table decor is going to be in pink, then let the conversation go.

Wedding planning is stressful — but can be less nerve-racking if you embrace working as a team. So, work it out. And stay sane while doing it.