Cracking the Crystal: What Gemstones Mean as Engagement Rings

Couple choosing jewelryAs some people say, “Diamonds are forever.” However, due to different styles and personalities, colored gemstones have replaced diamonds in engagement rings. Other than looking more contemporary, gemstones also deliver various meanings to soon-to-be-wed partners. Here are six of the most popular.


Moissanite is an extremely rare gemstone, which is why most moissanite today are made in the lab. It is also a popular alternative to diamond due to its similarity and affordability. When choosing an engagement ring, you may ask, “Diamonds vs. moissanite?” The practical choice would be the latter as it also signifies brilliance and passion for love.


Typically white but sometimes orange, an opal signifies sensuality and creativity. The water stone shimmers in the light. Opals in an engagement ring translate to loyalty and passion for your partner.

Pink Sapphire

Sapphire comes in different colors, including black, green, violet, and white. However, as an engagement ring, it is ideal to use pink sapphire as it encourages love and stimulates romance. It also says that you’ll always be kind and thoughtful to your partner.


Found only in Tanzania, Africa, tanzanite is a one-of-a-kind gem that inspires compassion, love, and humility. Also called the “stone of magic,” this rare purple-blue gemstone denotes togetherness and resourcefulness for couples.

Blue Sapphire

Worn by royals such as Princess Diana and Duchess Kate, blue sapphire gives brides authority and calm confidence. Ideal for lovers, the gemstone signifies honesty, loyalty, and utmost affection towards your partner.


Citrine suits couples that are outgoing, competitive, and eager to communicate. Also known as lemon quartz, the bright yellow hue of this gemstone symbolizes prosperity and happiness as it encourages couples to seek adventure and live their lives to the fullest. When choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring, it is wise to match it with your partner’s personality and style. Research about its meaning, cut, and the ideal ring style.