Critical Factors When Opening Your Own Hairdressing Service

Woman giving haircutAs someone with professional credentials to provide hairdressing services in Canada, opening your very own salon is most likely on the top of your career goals. The idea of becoming your own boss and being a business owner, not to mention the higher profits that you can make, is definitely exciting.

Operating your own salon, however, is also one of the priciest investments you may make. That said, Scissor Tech strongly suggests would-be salon owners come up with a detailed plan; one that considers all the necessary expenses you need to make. This is particularly true when it comes to equipment.

Equipment capital

As you know, location is the largest expense-influencing factor to think of. Once you have an estimate for this, the next most important variable to consider is equipment capital. Hairdressing equipment comes in all types and styles, but high-quality scissors should be on top of your list.

Always keep in mind that hairdressing scissors are the primary tools of the trade, so you’d want to invest in the right equipment from the very beginning. And to make sure you get only the best quality scissors, factor in warranties, ergonomics, balance, and sharpness.

Health and safety operational standards

Like with any other personal service, a hairdressing salon should follow all the legal regulations and standards. Start with a careful review and understanding of the Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices document, which details the must-dos (and don’ts) of businesses involved with providing personal services.

In a nutshell, when planning the equipment-buying expenses for your hairdressing salon, it is best that you stick to the tools and supplies that matter the most – and the ones you will most often use. It can be quite tempting to reduce your potential upfront expenses by minimising your budget for such essentials, but just remember that these are for long-term use.